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Are endurance events right for your organization?

Endurance events have become a popular fundraising approach for nonprofits. They consist of marathons, hikes and many other challenging physical activity events. These events are effective in fundraising and bringing cause awareness since they are able to engage a large number of participants through peer-to-peer fundraising. However, endurance isn’t necessarily the right fit for all…

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Nonprofit tip: Run Facebook ads around fundraisers’ birthdays

One way that many nonprofits ask their supporters to fundraise for their cause is to ask them to “donate” their birthday. This means that fundraisers operate a personal campaign around their birthday, asking friends and family to donate to their campaign instead of giving them personal gifts or congratulations. Some nonprofits have found a great…

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How to expand into DIY fundraising

Nontraditional, creative peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns, such as do-it-yourself (DIY) fundraising, can be an effective way to supplement traditional peer-to-peer events — such as runs, walks , and rides — especially during the months between events. DIY fundraising campaigns allow participants, who are typically a nonprofit’s strongest supporters, to create their own campaigns on behalf of the…

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The Case for your Own Fundraising Platform

Over the past few years, many nonprofits have become well involved with DIY peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns. Here’ s a great article from Henry Gresson of Fundraising & Philanthropy Magazine Australia exploring this global phenomenon and specifics on improving results. From campaigns like the #ALSIceBucketChallenge, to a concerted citywide Bake Sale, providing your supporters with the…

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