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Are endurance events right for your organization?

Endurance events have become a popular fundraising approach for nonprofits. They consist of marathons, hikes and many other challenging physical activity events. These events are effective in fundraising and bringing cause awareness since they are able to engage a large number of participants through peer-to-peer fundraising. However, endurance isn’t necessarily the right fit for all…

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Peer-to-Peer Professional Forum Conference 2018 speakers: MMRF’s Jane Hoffmann

We’re continuing our series on Rallybound customers speaking at next week’s Peer-to-Peer Professional Forum Conference in Miami with Jane Hoffmann of the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF). Hoffmann will be speaking on Thursday, March 1, during the 3-5pm time slot in a session entitled, “Quality Over Quantity.” According to the conference program, Hoffmann will discuss,…

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