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Fundraisers can now invite donors to activities with Event Listings

In recent years P2P fundraising has grown increasingly complex, largely in part to innovative and creative fundraisers that are constantly pushing the envelope and thinking of new ways to fundraiser for your cause. With this in mind, Rallybound now supports the creation of one or multiple Event Listings as part of a personal fundraising page…

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Simple steps to help with donor retention

Reoccurring donations from your donors are critical to successfully fundraising for your nonprofit organization. Nonprofits with a low donor retention rate need to continually acquire new donors or larger gifts to continue to meet fundraising targets. With the number of nonprofit organizations to choose from, it is easy for a donor to simply make a…

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Drone on! A fun addition to fundraising events

Every nonprofit fundraising event could likely benefit from something extra and distinctive to attract new attendees and potential donors and adding a drone to an event is a great option. Recently, many large events have benefited from employing drones. Here’s a couple of reasons to consider using drones: Drones uniquely capture your event Drones can…

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The case for nonprofit volunteer and staff uniforms

Uniforms can go a long way towards giving your nonprofit more exposure so it might be worthwhile to look into equipping your volunteers with some uniforms. Here are a few reasons why: Uniforms make people stand out. At an event, attendees will immediately know who’s working there. They’ll know who to go to with questions, donations, and feedback. Similarly,…

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