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How to personalize nonprofit fundraising

As we’ve often said: peer-to-peer fundraising is hard work and requires a firm commitment from supporters. Savvy nonprofits understand this and use tools that not only make the fundraising process easier, but also personalize and reward fundraisers. Technology such as triggers and placeholders help automate personalized messages to fundraisers and keep them motivated throughout the…

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Got Game? Adding Achievement Badges for Fundraisers

  From kids collecting merit badge or getting stickers in class, to using mobile check-in apps (or playing Pokemon Go) as adults, receiving little symbols of achievement is engrained into our culture. Recognizing that achievements both motivate and reward us for a job well done, Rallybound offers this type of “gamification” for individual fundraisers on our Platform…

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How to Incorporate Gamification on Rallybound

While many dispute its true value, gamification is a hot topic of interest for many fundraising practitioners. For those who are unaware or looking for a refresher, the term gamification relates to techniques utilized to leverage people’s natural desires for competition, achievement, socializing, learning, and self-expression . Here at RallyBound, we are ardent supporters of…

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