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Infographic: Largest cycling events for charity in 2016

Every year there are numerous cycling events, whether races or rides, for charity throughout the USA. In 2016, the top 8 peer-to-peer cycling events in the US raised over $128 million combined for charitable causes. We’ve rounded up those 8 single events into one fun infographic for you to download and share with your coworkers and…

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6 Organizations Embracing Nontraditional Fundraising

Innovation needs strategic focus and creative ingenuity. When properly synced, its power is astronomical. Within 2013 and 2014 alone, $552 million was raised outside of traditional fundraising structures. No doubt about it, this is an incredible time to be in development. From technology maturing to organizations becoming more comfortable with investing, institutions across the globe…

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A Little Fundraising Innovation Can’t Hurt

For the next segment in our P2P Forum 2015: Data Discoveries, we wanted to discuss the impact of overall events reducing from 44,500 in 2013 to 43,764 in 2014. Of course, organizations will slim their count for a variety of reasons, it’s not necessarily a foreboding indication. In certain cases organizations can see a higher…

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Infographic: Top 5 Wildest Nonprofit Fundraisers

Fundraising is serious business but campaigns don’t always have to be. The more unique, different or interesting the campaign the more attention it gets. This attention and awareness usually equates to more dollars raised. The recent #StrikeOutALS #Icebucketchallenge craze is a good example. Some figures estimate up to $4 million raised for ALS in just…

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Top 10 Nonprofit Fundraising Events of 2013

RallyBound presents the Top 10 Single Largest Nonprofit Fundraising Events. This inforgraphic provides a snapshot of the event fundraising industry in 2013. The event fundraising industry is in flux and it is important to understand where there are growth opportunities. All of these events use a form of peer-to-peer fundraising to raise these amounts. RallyBound used publicly available…

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