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Some DIY Fundraising Examples to Get You Started

Do-It-Yourself Fundraising is all the rage right now and with good reason. There are numerous advantages to organizations who implement it such as: 1. Low barrier to entry 2. Registration aids in market research 3. Revenue diversification 4. Non-core donor/advocacy interest 5. Enlarged awareness net 6. Management ease provides huge potential for smaller organizations But…

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Fundraising Needs a Little Money and Magic

A lot has been said about innovation. More often than not, the term is quite vexing, leaving readers with more questions than answers. We’ve been guilty of it. But now, we want to present a methodology supporting real success at scale applicable for peer-to-peer fundraising.  Developed by Fahrenheit 212, this process is called Money +…

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6 Organizations Embracing Nontraditional Fundraising

Innovation needs strategic focus and creative ingenuity. When properly synced, its power is astronomical. Within 2013 and 2014 alone, $552 million was raised outside of traditional fundraising structures. No doubt about it, this is an incredible time to be in development. From technology maturing to organizations becoming more comfortable with investing, institutions across the globe…

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Charles Sumner Ward, Frank L Pierce and the YMCA

Publicists, Publicity and Time Incentives. These are all commonplace within fundraising campaigns today. In 1905, this was not the case and provides the setting for the second installment of our series on the “Pioneers of Fundraising”. History In need of a securing funding to construct a new building in New York City, the YMCA set…

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Young Professionals Boards are Worth the Effort

Many organizations shy away from implementing Young Professionals Boards; in past decades, a young professionals board took time away from already strained employees to oversee a lackadaisical, semi-impactful group. Stories of success were few and far between. Fortunately, this isn’t the case anymore. Quite the contrary. Today this segment presents as an incredible opportunity for…

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