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Centralization: The Benefits of Integration

Fundraising is hard to manage. With multiple platforms providing a variety of capabilities to disparately involved departments, there is room for chaos. RallyBound strives to prevent that chaos and reduce the possibility of missed opportunities. We do this through impactful integrations with cutting edge providers such as: Salesforce, BillHighway, Dropbox and MailChimp. Below are just…

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Rallybound’s Mailchimp Integration

RallyBound is always on the look out for new services to add to our integrations directory. Today we are excited to announce yet another service that extends our client’s reach with peer-to-peer fundraising: Mailchimp. Email is the most effective way of reaching out to potential donors and supporters. Important and easy-to-use email tools are critical…

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10 Nonprofits Email Tips from MailChimp Research

Emails are the most effective form of converting individuals to donors in peer-to-peer fundraising today. Over and over, strategists, experts, and organizations come to the same conclusion. But are you sending email communications as effective as you could be? Are you missing out on vital conversions? Most likely. Frankly MANY organizations, including us, can be…

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