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Nonprofits can now create custom email autoresponders on Rallybound

Peer-to-peer fundraising is all about relationships. The relationship between fundraisers and donors, between team members, and between a nonprofit and its supporters. For some time, Rallybound has helped to automate email communications on our platform, sending out preset “autoresponder” emails based on actions taken and goals reached. In our latest update, we’ve taken this a…

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Refine Responsibilities and Focus with Automation

Scientifically speaking, humans are unable to multitask at a high level. In fact, we actually don’t act simultaneously, rather transition between tasks at impressive rates. Yet, this is often a requisite skill for many non-profit administrators. It is these Reasonings that make automation an incredible asset to peer-to-peer fundraising. Why? It provides the ability to…

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Psychology and Technology: The Perfect Mixture for Donor Retention

The main objective of any fundraising campaign is to accumulate the necessary funds for organizational operation. More specifically, the goal is to create meaningful relationships and behaviors that preserve donors year after year. Why? Returning donors raise 2X in comparison to new donors. Trouble is maintaining donors are a tough task, but methods are emerging…

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