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4 Ways to Enhance your 2015 Fundraising!

Last month, RallyBound had the pleasure of co-hosting a webinar with our partner, Charity Dynamics. The webinar took place in conjunction with the publication of Charity Dynamics: The Next 10 Years In Digital Fundraising report. The infographic below illustrates a few of the trends surveyed. Within the discussion both organizations addressed where the winds of…

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Is DIY Fundraising right for you?

Whether you prefer to dub it DIY (Do-It Yourself) Fundraising, IFP (Independent Fundraising Program) or 3rd-Party Fundraising, the power and temptation of alternatively hosted events/campaigns is palpable. During the P2P Forum this year, the topic permeated a variety of conference halls, bar rooms and hallway powwows. While many examples of success exist, many conversations circle…

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5 Ways to Leverage 4th of July for P2P Fundraising

Great campaigns are not solely built upon a mission, but by connecting a unique activation to that mission. Charity:Water’s birthday campaigns are an example. Movember another.  As the 4th of July creeps up on the calendar, here are some unique ways to leverage our country’s independence for social impact. 1. “Skip the 2nd Scoop”: Donate…

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5-Ways Soccer is like Peer to Peer Fundraising

1. Leaders Within any successful team, you find great coaches & captains encouraging through tough times. In fundraising, supportive leaders have similar influence. Never underestimate the necessity of these individuals. They are truly the difference between good and GREAT results! 2. Team You are only as good as your weakest link. Whether on the pitch…

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