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Opportunities Abound for Smaller NPOs in Online Giving

Over the last 12 months, Online Giving has grown at a rate of 8.9%. However, it’s what makes up the rate that is more significant: Small organizations (less than $1m) soared 10.6%, while medium organizations ($1m-$10m) jumped 9.7%. In comparison to Overall Giving’s growth rate near 2.1%, you begin to recognize the consistent trend for…

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Non-Profits: Get Lean

On February 10, RallyBound will join Charity Dynamics to host a webinar focused on the future of digital fundraising. The big takeaway: how nonprofit organizations should prepare for success moving forward. With increased competition for eyeballs and dollars, nonprofits now must adapt to a leaner approach, creating maximum flexibility to innovate and vie for vital…

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