Template System Update!!

Across the Internet, users are becoming increasingly accustomed to a more personalized experience when engaging with websites and platforms. RallyBound is excited to announce that its total dynamic vision is one step closer to reality with the release of its new placeholder structure, today.

While this may seem like a small update the features it enables will provide for additional flexibility in the way admins construct emails, social shares and other on-site touch points where placeholders previously existed.

Feature Specifics

Structurally, the development team has taken considerable care in amending all language associated with the template system to be more intuitive. Our belief is that this reduces friction and allows you to focus on other functionalities such as conditional formatting and data extraction.

In line with other modern platforms, RallyBound is providing the controls to input conditional content and text. This optimizes your time as it reduces the requirement to produce multiple emails and/or social shares, hopefully allowing for focus on conversion rate enhancement.

Additionally, unique data extraction capabilities have been released to enable the implementation of specific data points from data sets previously combined.

As is with all updates, the motivation and vision is to provide greater control over initiative’s success while reducing day-to-day administrative support. The reduction of such tedious tasks allow personnel to focus on alternative needs like on-site operations, programmatic awareness, etc. Please take the time to read our more in-depth introduction to this new template system here.





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