The Alliance of Marketing-Development-IT is Critical


Great organizations are built up of great teams and collaboration. Trouble is, sometimes competing priorities reduce partnership and increase friction. As technology’s influence expands into every department it becomes critical to ensure education throughout your halls and to enrich alliances. More specifically, Marketing–Development–IT need to embody the Three Musketeers as their success and streamlining enables sustainable growth for years to come.

Why these three?:

In previous years, these departments have worked in silos: Development focused on donors, Marketing built brand and community awareness and IT made it so they could communicate and store critical pieces of information appropriately. Now, systems are intertwined, objectives are blurring and the time of disparate workflow territories has passed.

Focus on:

Data’s growing influence has catalyzed the urgency to enrich this relationship. With Development and Marketing needing to access similar ports of information to complete tasks, it is easy to see how a keen collaboration enables all sides to thrive.

The rapid development of platforms and APIs underscores how this is now even more possible. The modern tech firm now builds out various applications atop a central database to take various actions; it will take communication between all parties to leverage.

Moving forward as one:

Both Marketing and Development must sync with IT to first define what tools are needed to hit KPIs, then how/if to optimize those requirements against the market’s offerings. Not only does this ensure that all delegates are on the same page, it provides a deeper view into another departments day-to-day needs, enabling valuable discourse towards larger organizational efforts.

While the journey to this union may not be quick, it will no doubt be beneficial in the end. The current tech landscape has seen such significant shifts that this mindshare will truly allow nonprofits to capitalize and impact their communities for years to come.

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