The Anatomy of a Peer-To-Peer Ask

Recently, we outlined the 5 Simple Steps of Peer to Peer Fundraising. A powerful P2P strategy can truly unlock vast impact and fundraising dollars for any organization. The most important aspect that connects of all these steps is The Ask. 

The Ask is what propels peer to peer fundraising. It is the lifeblood. When approached carefully it produces great effects, so understanding the best practices and nuances are key to your initiatives success.


So with guidance from our good friends at Plenty and their always informative articles, we bring you the Three Layers of the Peer to Peer ASK:

1. Organization ASKS constituent to participate in a campaign

This ask can be broad and individualized. Always make sure to use uplifting and positive verbs. People are more responsive to ideas of saving the world with their action rather than being coaxed with sad imagery or copy.

2. Constituent ASKS friends and family to support the campaign

Provide your supporters with a packet of fundraising ideas. In that packet should be brand copy, imagery, research on the best times & practices on sending emails and social posts. Most importantly, share your gratitude for their participation. Gratitude helps push your supporters through the ebbs and flows of fundraising. 

3. Organization ASKS friends and family to support organization

There is a vital difference in asking for campaign versus organizational support. When a fundraiser is participating in an endurance event, for instance, the support can be coming in for either the fundraiser or organization, but to ask for organizational support, NPO’s must provide information of value and intrigue to potential donors. Always remember: make it easy for fundraisers to raise money for you!





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