The Beauty of Salesforce and a Good Integration

Everybody loves a good integration. Rallybound is no stranger to that feeling. We have placed a concerted effort on fruitful syncs to software that’s helpful to our clients. Salesforce is such an integration.

Successful integrations enhance, not detract. They streamline workflow and automated tasks. They’re mutually beneficial. Salesforce checks this vital box because of its all-encompassing power. Broadly speaking, Salesforce is the ultimate data management system and with The Nonprofit Starter Pack trickling into the sector, there’s no telling how streamlined some organizations will become just in a few years.

How? Data.


Data empowers decision-making. Whether in a large or small organization, thoughtful data, provides the instrument to truly empower a nonprofit to diligently push their mission to the next level.

Yes, big data is a trend (and a buzzword) but it is here to stay. It is a culmination of years of executive prayers. So here’s our thought on what Salesforce inherently is: an enabler!

The biggest fear for any organization is TIME to EFFICENCY or SCALEABILITY. Individuals will have their own definition of both, but these remain the variables all industries want to control: more with less. Nonprofits are not excluded. Tasked with the impossible, social missions are to be accomplished on shoestring budgets, archaic systems and with overworked, underpaid personnel. Counterintuitive. Here’s where Salesforce can help: Data Analysis/True and Comprehensive Organizational Understanding.

Invest in technology. If you utilize them, learn them, and evolve your skills alongside their updates, you will be rewarded with a considerable ROI.

While the benefits are touted, understand that the robustness comes with a learning curve. Nonprofits need to capitalize on integrated tools, ingredients to the technological alchemy. Email providers like Mailchimp, fundraising services like RallyBound, merchant processors, Causeview, etc., allow for seamless data dropping into Salesforce. As a hub, Salesforce allows you to sync up other services, collect all of your critical info and generate useful analytics.

Nonprofits cannot be fearful of change; you are trying to change the world. Let Salesforce and the plethora of integrated services support that. Get out ahead-employ the RIGHT systems and alter the landscape of humankind forever!!! 

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