The Case for your Own Fundraising Platform

Over the past few years, many nonprofits have become well involved with DIY peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns. Here’ s a great article from Henry Gresson of Fundraising & Philanthropy Magazine Australia exploring this global phenomenon and specifics on improving results.

From campaigns like the #ALSIceBucketChallenge, to a concerted citywide Bake Sale, providing your supporters with the ability to advocate on your behalf is a vital strategy to explore. It also can be very lucrative for your organization if managed properly.

When appropriately structured, the sky’s the limit for a DIY campaign. However, currently DIY fundraising platforms fall into two categories: immensely expensive or consumer facing. The expensive platforms tend to be inappropriately priced based on their feature sets and the consumer facing or the “crowdfunding” lot fail to allow for:

1.   Complete Organizational control

2.   Low transaction fees and direct processing

3.   Ability to exponentially grow AND capture new donors for nurturing purposes

4.   Brand Extension or White-Labeling

So what should you look/ask for?

1.   A well-priced, robust, user-friendly platform

        -You should be able to easily see value on the front-end based on            example sites and from the back-end upon completion of a demo

2.   References and examples of successful clients

3.   White-Label capabilities

        -Domain masking is one thing, but do promotion tools denote your            organization or the providers? Dig in. You’ll find out.

4.   The ability to integrate with your current systems for proper donor           management

5.   Superior Customer Service




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