10% vs. 1.7% : The Growth of Online versus Offline Giving

10% vs 1.7%. This comparison represents online fundraising growth in 2012 versus giving overall. Those are stark contrasts and highlights a crucial point: digital fundraising is a runaway train and those who are not embracing new technology are sure to be left behind.

On another level, those hesitant to double down on technological investments must understand that donors acquired online are younger, higher net-worth individuals with long term staying power. Couple that with the fact that donor loyalty is dwindling, you begin to see the snowball effect. Moreover, online donors give 3x more than offline.

Logic vs. Emotion: Offline vs. Online

Psychologically speaking this makes perfect sense. The act of tangibly handing over a check or cash pushes us to think slowly. Slow thinking, a term coined by renowned Behavioral Economist Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky, provides the brain with advanced reasoning. Online giving, when designed properly, is quick. 1-2-3-donate. No time or need for thinking and it can be done anywhere, if you’ve mobilized your site and platform. In other words, giving is more emotional digitally, more logical offline.

These points aren’t groundbreaking or specific to the non-profit community, but advanced adoption isn’t occurring at the same rate as in other industries, causing donors to search for ease they are now accustomed to, with timely info and visible impact.  Hence diminishing loyalty and revered social enterprises.

Sure options are proliferating faster than you can vet, but staff doesn’t have to shoulder the load. Task your Young Professional’s Board with the market research. Moving forward, these individuals will man your ranks. Another option, include college volunteers or supporters. Anyone who you trust with a keen technological sense is an asset. Give your intern something to do.

How Do You Stack Up?

We’ll leave you with one quick assessment test: Log on to your website via a mobile device, preferably 2 or 3 different models and try to donate. How many clicks does it take, more than 3? If so, you are losing vital dollars. Compare that to your mission competitors and top ecommerce platforms you frequent. You need to get there. Organizations like RallyBound are here to help you achieve those needs at an affordable price. Let us. It would be our honor!




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