The Power of Humility and Gratitude: Open Arms of Minnesota

It is a great joy watching our clients exceed their goals. Recently, we had the privilege to watch Open Arms of Minnesota utilize RallyBound to fundraise for their inaugural Cook-a-Thon.


Open Arms of Minnesota did a lot of things right in their campaign but the more impressive aspects of their campaign were displayed through their email blasts. They focused on three key aspects to emails: Tone, Structure and Timing. This email, see below, is a great example of this.

Tone: They weren’t too formal or informal. They were authentic. They were personal. They showed humility and gratitude, which will go a long way with supporters long term.

Structure & Scheduling: Not only did they structure the email with great, chunked copy, valuable data, etc, but they also sent out the email within a few days of campaign end. Timely correspondence is key because it shows how important your supporters are. Don’t let advocates assume importance, confirm it!  

Additionally, by delivering this conclusion to advocates, they opened up the possibility to further giving alongside the transition of donor relations beyond the Cook-A-Thon. Something to always remain cognizant of is that your peer-to-peer campaign is only an aspect (albeit important) of your overall fundraising strategy. RallyBound believes it is the most powerful strategy, but diversification of revenue streams is always of benefit, when properly managed and relationships with donors are how you get there.

So, kudos to Open Arms of Minnesota, we are proud to support you and look forward to future initiatives.





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