Top 10 Nonprofit Fundraising Events of 2013

RallyBound presents the Top 10 Single Largest Nonprofit Fundraising Events.

This inforgraphic provides a snapshot of the event fundraising industry in 2013. The event fundraising industry is in flux and it is important to understand where there are growth opportunities. All of these events use a form of peer-to-peer fundraising to raise these amounts. RallyBound used publicly available information to source and verify the data.

4 Notable stats:

1. #1 Pan-Mass Challenge raised more than two times as much as #2 Pelotonia.
2. Curing cancer is the top cause that benefits from the majority of these events.

3. Boston raised 3 times more money for charity than NYC in 2013!

Tweet: #Boston raised 3x more $ for charity than #NYC in 2013! Tweet this stat!
4. Six of the top ten events are held in the Northeast.

To download this infographic, click here.



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