Top 5 Salesforce Apps for Nonprofits

The Salesforce appexchange, akin to Apple’s app store or Google Play, has a directory of applications that are available to Salesforce users in companies and organizations of all shapes and sizes. Being advocates for digital adoption within the nonprofit sector (and Salesforce fans ourselves), we felt it was important to call out the top Salesforce apps that were built with your organization in mind. We’ve linked to the apps and included their rating and number of reviews. 

We ranked these apps from the Salesforce appexchange based on three criteria:

  • Developed for nonprofits
  • Number of reviews
  • Number of stars

1.  Volunteers for Salesforce by DJH Consultingimage

Volunteer management can be extremely cumbersome. This app lets you manage your volunteer events and individuals. It tracks volunteers, jobs, shifts and hours, allowing you to report on all of the data.

2. MemberNation by Fonteva image

For associations, Fonteva developed MemberNation solely on the platform. This app provides various management capabilities in concert with a solid user experience.

3. AAkonsult Payments image

Processing payments can be a hassle. This app from Australia provides a way for nonprofits to manage subscriptions, donations and other event types. They have a number of different templates for web forms and the ability to integrate with Shopify.  

4. Nonprofits 101 by Cloud for Good image

Recognizing the need for NPOs to truly understand the power of Salesforce, Cloud for Good built an app that provides resources to make onboarding easier and the learning curve much shallower for nonprofits users.

5. Causeview image

Designed to automate the administrative processes of admins’ nightmares, Causeview delivers a fundraising application that makes Salesforce powerful for nonprofits users.

We do believe that apps like these help empower nonprofits to work at levels unprecedented within the sector. We are proud to call many of these organizations partners. Do take the time to dig into the appexchange (you’ll find us there) and explore which apps could enhance your mission!




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