New User Profile interface allows fundraisers to make changes across multiple campaigns

Many nonprofits have multiple peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns that they run annually – some even run over 1,000 events – and many of their supporters participate in more than one campaign. While Rallybound has long supported the ability for a single fundraiser to be involved in multiple campaigns for one organization, if a fundraiser wanted to update their personal information, they had to do it on each campaign separately. In order to allow fundraisers to be able to make changes in one place that will push to all campaigns they are part of, we recently releases a new User Profile interface for all campaigns.

The new interface makes the profile section separate from the Fundraiser Headquarters. With this important update, fundraisers can now connect to every campaign that they have signed up for in an organization through the User Profile section, instead of doing it campaign-by-campaign. The new design of the Fundraiser Headquarters includes a drop-down in the top right, the fundraiser’s name is replaced with a profile image, and the drop-down itself is redesigned.

For nonprofit administrators, this update means that admins can also now make one change to a fundraiser’s account information which will then populate across all campaigns. Additionally, this update allows fundraisers to:

  • View all of their pages in the campaigns tab of the User Profile section
  • Manage notification preferences for all campaigns in the notifications tab of the User Profile section
  • Switch accounts from the User Profile drop-down
  • New quick switcher for recently accessed campaigns


Chad Catacchio


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