What A Virtual Dance Party Near The Hollywood Sign Could Mean For Nonprofit Fundraising

Last week at the P2P Forum, RallyBound premiered a short virtual reality (VR) video, as a way to demonstrate the evolving medium for nonprofit fundraising outreach. The video, created by filmmaker Jessica Kantor (www.jessicakantor.com), was shot at Griffith Park in Los Angeles at sunset earlier this year. 

You can watch the video below using any web browser. If you happen to have VR viewer such as the Samsung Gear or Google Cardboard, you can also view the video using a headset:

Kantor used a stationary tripod with multiple cameras to record the scene, and as she puts it, “It was an extremely windy day so we had to weigh down the tripod. Once we got set up and rehearsed, we then waited about 25 minutes for the light to be perfect. And it was the perfect moment as if we waited any longer we’d have lost too much light.”


photos: Jessica Kantor

A number of nonprofit professionals got a chance to view our VR video using a Gear headset during the P2P Forum, and many of them were kind enough to let us record their reactions to the experience, some of which we’ve collected in the following video:

Interested in trying VR out for your organization? You can read more about how to get your nonprofit experimenting with VR in 2016 and take a look at some other professionally produced videos for nonprofits.



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