Rallybound talks about peer to peer fundraising on the Whole Whale podcast

Rallybound cofounder Joe Magee was featured on this week’s Using the Whole Whale Podcast. The episode, hosted by George Weiner, features an overview of how the peer-to-peer fundraising space came to be and how organizations can get started.

“Email and social media has launched P2P fundraising into an entirely new atmosphere,” said Magee, who also remarked that nonprofits do not have to be large to make a difference in the nonprofit world. Instead, nonprofits can grow impact by using ambassadors passionate about their missions to capture a wider audience. To start, all nonprofits need is a digital space for constituents to create their campaigns.

Other helpful tips offered in the podcast included testing the waters to ensure there is interest in using peer-led fundraising and to make sure nonprofits don’t lose sight of their missions once a monetary goal is attached.

For more on how to get started with peer to peer fundraising, don’t miss the full interview on Whole Whale wherever you listen to podcasts.



Courtney Chatterton

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