Why Nonprofits Should Consider Using Medium

You’ve likely heard of publishing platform Medium. If your organization is not already actively using Medium, you should consider doing some of your outreach there. Medium – like most interesting platforms – is not intended for dull, repetitive content. Instead, it highlights enriched storytelling pieces that provoke emotion, thought, and responses, giving organizations a voice that will be heard by possibly a different audience than your blog or social media channels might reach. Additionally, the platform can have a strong “network effect” that can elevate some pieces to being viral in an easier way than just sharing on your organization’s blog.

Commenting on articles, recommending pieces, and sharing Medium posts that are relevant to your own mission will help you connect to these new audiences. On a technical level, posting on Medium (and in fact on many other sites in the form of comments or entire posts) can help your SEO with links back to your own websites’ pages.

There are many nonprofits already using Medium to some degree – here’s a few to get you acquainted with the what the possibilities the platform provides:

  • Charity Water is known for posting immersive content on its fundraising and mission to provide clean water.
  • Erin Ganju, the CEO of Room to Read, also frequently publishes updates and pieces on Medium to help bring awareness to education and global literacy.
  • Nonprofit “826 National” uses Medium to showcase its upcoming and current fundraisers, as well as the outcome of nationwide events held to bring awareness to helping students improve their creative writing skills. Students and professionals involved with 826 National share their stories and the impact they have had.
  • Robin Hood is another nonprofit that uses Medium to connect more than 200+ NYC organizations in New York state to help poverty – sharing top donor stories, fundraising event planning ideas, details and outcomes to highlight the work they’ve done.




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