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Fundraisers and donors today expect the causes that they support to meet their expectations for ease of use with their digital platforms. Beyond that, they appreciate a wide range of engaging activities and the flexibility to adapt to their busy lives in exchange for their fundraising time and financial support.

Nonprofits using Rallybound can (and do!) organize nearly any fundraising campaign imaginable, from single day walk-a-thons to birthday DIY campaigns to endurance treks to Mt. Everest

Walk / Run / Ride Events

We power thousands of peer to peer fundraising events, from some of the largest walk series in the world to single runs or bike rides.

Max Cure Foundation

Donation pages

Having a flexible donation form that can be set up in minutes and placed on any website is a must for nonprofits looking to maximize online donations. Rallybound's embeddable donation pages not only offer this convenience, but also allow for matching campaigns, recurring donations and sponsorships.


Sometimes we want to pay tribute to a loved one in more ways than one, “in lieu of” or “in memory of” is a great way to honor a loved one.


Not every occasion calls for peer-to-peer. Our ticketing pages allows you to manage attendees for golf, galas, luncheons and more!


This exciting new trend in fundraising allows for near endless fundraising possibilities, from birthday parties to taking a weekend hike.


We provide special solutions to support our clients' annual #GivingTuesday campaigns, including special branded donation pages.


From independent fitness events to third party marathons, nonprofits can ask their supporters to raise funds for them.


Can include capital campaigns or project based fundraising.


Neon One is a powerful technology ecosystem fueling mission-driven organizations to build capacity through software and services designed for social impact. With offices in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Denver, Dallas, San Francisco and Portland, Neon One is a rapidly growing and innovative enterprise. As part of Neon One, Rallybound is deeply connected with dozens of other solutions and certified consultants.

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We have you covered

Rallybound customers always receive support in a timely manner, and directly from our dedicated US-based support staff. We offer extensive help pages and video tutorials that explain how our powerful fundraising platform works. Our client success team is also available to assist many of our clients.


Built on Microsoft Azure Cloud and a PCI DSS Level 1 Service Provider, Rallybound can handle any type or size of online fundraising, from single, annual events, to a nationwide or even global series of hundreds or thousands of fundraising activities.

Intelligent Templating

We pride ourselves on the fact that our fundraising websites not only look terrific, but are also powered by cutting-edge technology that allows nonprofits to do extraordinary things. We call this Intelligent Templating. These templates are built using an open source language called Liquid that used in ecommerce and many other industries. Liquid is a powerful programming language that allows us to not only design beautiful looking sites, but also to create underlying objects that we can use to map to our integrations, including CRMs.

Sesame Workshop Donation Page Powered by Rallybound

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