Yahoo! Updates, Rallybound Iterates

We take email extremely seriously at RallyBound. Statistically, no method of outreach provides more fundraising conversion than a well-crafted email. With this in mind, we would like to bring to your attention the recent addition to Yahoo!’s email procedures. Official Update.

Starting this week, emails sent utilizing a 3rd party platform on behalf of a Yahoo! user did not reach their destination. As all of you can imagine, this has great implications on the way appeals are transmitted through the RallyBound platform. Have no fear! Our development team has been hard at work identifying new methods or workarounds that allow for your messages to hit their intended inboxes. Here is the short-term solution:

-Fundraisers are prompted to either update their email to a non-Yahoo! account or are redirected to Yahoo! to transmit

-Utilizing Yahoo! has shortcomings

a. Emails sent are to ALL Contacts/Possible donors, not individually

Contacts/Possible donors are relegated to the “BCC” section. The “To” area is left blank and updated at the fundraisers discretion

b. Links and Images are not hyperlinked. They need to be manually updated.

c. The emails are not able to be tracked in Yahoo! or RallyBound

Our clients’ success is always of the utmost importance; it is that mindset that drives our passion for carefully designed email structures ensuring our 98-99 sender score. While we, alongside the entire tech community, do not believe this recent action is in the best interests of Yahoo! users, this solution is the best case scenario in the interim. We will continue to update you as details emerge, and as we uncover additional ways to provide the email services you expect from RallyBound. Until then…Keep Calm and Fundraise On!




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