Young Professionals Boards are Worth the Effort


Many organizations shy away from implementing Young Professionals Boards; in past decades, a young professionals board took time away from already strained employees to oversee a lackadaisical, semi-impactful group. Stories of success were few and far between.

Fortunately, this isn’t the case anymore. Quite the contrary. Today this segment presents as an incredible opportunity for non-profits to harness. Why?

First and foremost, Millennials have been unfairly labeled. By and large, this demographic is highly altruistic, inspiringly motivated and solely focused on tangible/practical impact to complex issues.

Take a look at these statistics we compiled last year:

-50% of workforce in 2015

-Determine 6 presidential cycles in 2016

Now, think critically about those points. What do they insinuate? Influence. Combine an energized electorate with a penchant for impact and you have the ingredients necessary for a valuable young leaders board.

Furthermore, Gen Y’ers are more likely to open up their Rolodex prior to cutting donation checks. That’s good news. They want to be involved on multiple levels: donor and advocate. Great news considering a lot of our most pressing issues will need advocates and policy revisions attainable with wide-ranging support.

One caveat to note: Millennials remain in exploration mode, trying to identify their true north. This creates interest in multiple causes, so engaging them in an attractive YPB experience early creates sustainable leadership solely focused on your mission.

Lastly, they naturally lean towards the future. In other words, by enacting strong young boards, organizations are establishing dependable means of innovation, investment identification and mitigating any niche opportunity oversights.

Of course, these points are only the tip of the iceberg. We firmly believe that taking efforts to listen closely to burgeoning leaders is never a bad thing. It’s wise. We advise in favor of it!

*Statistics sourced from 2013 Millennial Impact Report.





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